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Tree Lines

new works by


Friday 9 November Sunday 25 November


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Woods/ Wald

 Left panel: Karri charcoal, Casuarina charcoal, Karri ash, acrylic binders, gesso on linen on MDF

 Right panel: Earth pigments, Karri charcoal,  Marri resin, Casuarina charcoal, acrylic binders, gesso on linen on MDF

  120 x 200 x 5 cm (each panel 120 x 88 x 5 cm)


In his latest work, Tony Windberg continues his exploration of the illusion of nature and nature of illusion.  He uses a paired format derived from old stereographic photographs, inviting viewers to question the way depth is perceived and represented. Categorisations of drawing , painting and printmaking are called into question: an apparent painting of a burnt tree uses no paint. Instead it is made of the raw materials of that landscape - earth, ash, charcoal and resins.  In other works, layers of organic and synthetic materials are selectively removed to imitate woodcuts or engravings. The tree is the focus, and references to artists such as Hans Heysen and Caspar David Friedrich suggest that the past frames our collective vision.


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