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Dragica Milunovic


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Western Australian artist, Dragica Milunovic, is a graduate of Claremont School of Art (1996) and Curtin University (Master of Arts 2007), whose work is driven by the technical concern of ‘mark making'

In her paintings Dragica Milunovic explores a defined range of mark making through the investigation of its materiality, scale and colour. Using this minimalist restrictive discipline, she seeks to create works which are both hypnotic & beautiful, achieving an intriguing illusion of depth imbued with movement.

For her, each mark acts in some respects as a mantra, painstakingly recording the persistent progression of the painting's making: a personal gesture inscribing time. These marks record the time she spends on the painting; the repetitive mark making, and its hand-made nature with its uneven surfaces, being critical to its success in creating a textually vibrant surface capable of conveying a sense of transcendence in the viewer.

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