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        Bathers Beach, Fremantle, Western Australia 

16 October - 10 November 2019

Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 4pm


new works by





Dr Christopher Crouch has held professorial roles in Australian and Chinese art schools and his work is held in public and private collections in Australia. This is his sixth show with Gallery East.

His past work has focused on parkland and urban trees, investigating their relationship to both nature and their social context. Critics have described him as ‘a consummate draughtsman’, drawing ironically on a realist tradition and making work that resembles ‘socialist realism in a slow motion car crash’.

As always, enamoured with nature, his new work continues his interest in parkland and the garlands that could be gathered there. In this exhibition he focuses on dusk and the melancholy crepuscular world where, as Dr Ann Schilo remarks in her catalogue essay accompanying the exhibition, “[our] doubts, which disturb the borders between reality, reason and the world as we might see it, become the canvases on which Christopher artfully paints”.


His work is held in the collections of Museo Internacional de Electrografia Universidad de Castilla la Mancha, Spain; The University of Liverpool, UK, the Liverpool School of Architecture, UK, Art Bank, Wesfarmers, Western  Australia, Edith Cowan University, and Qingdao Art Gallery, the People’s Republic of China.

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Cherish Marrington

Cherish Marrington has lived in China and Australia. She is an artist and theatre designer and the recipient of many awards in that field. Her work is held in numerous private collections. This is her first exhibition with Gallery East.

Cherish is well known for her pen and ink drawings, work that is intimate both in scale and subject matter. With an unerring eye for the grotesque her work quizzically examines the things we would prefer left in darkened rooms and under carpets. The rebelliousness of her work has been described as “half playful but also more than a bit creepy … not just a prurient peeping from behind the (exquisite) curtains [but] an engagement with the psychological and emotional aspects of what might constitute ‘natural history’ and our culturally confused relationship with it”.

Her new exhibition builds on her past interest with hybrid creatures - part human, part beast, sometimes inanimate object - creatures that look as if they have been “genetically engineered from the DNA traces scraped together in a brothel that adjoined a barbeque meat restaurant”.  The newer drawings have increased in scale and complexity. If her previous works were the observations of the details of a world of chaos, in this exhibition a broader narrative is established and we come closer to understanding the fragmented and ruptured world that her characters inhabit. As always she shows us the potential we have in reinventing the world through thinking and acting differently.


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