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Shannon Lyons : Install (photography by Bo Wong)

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Exhibition View I
Exhibition View II
Exhibition View III
Untitled (For_A_Moment_And_Another_Moment__Another_1_11)

Untitled (PICA_Before_NA_SL_TC_Left and Right_1_11

Untitled (Plaster_Room_Conduit_After_NA_I_II) Untitled (Paster_Room_Blind_1_11)
Preparatory Study (For a Moment) Preparatory Study (PICA)
Untitled (PICA_Before_NA_SL_TC_Left_and_Right_I_II) detail Untitled (For_A_Moment_ And_Another_Moment_And_Another_1_11)



Untitled (Plaster_Room_Conduit_After_NA-1_11) detail

Untitled For_A_Moment_AND__Another_Moment_and_Another_1_11) detail

Untitled (Didactic_Panel_1_11) triptych

Untitled (Plaster_Room_Blind__1_11) detail
Preparatory Study (PICA) #3 & 4
Untitled For_A_Moment_And_Another_Moment_And_Another_1_11) detail  
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