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Philip Noakes: Silversmith

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Gallery East
406 Hamilton Road
Perth 6166W.A.
Ph: (61 08 64989833
Mob: 0407 385 335

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  photography Robert Frith
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Crossover series: Neo II Ocean Currents III
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Cross Hatch Pitcher
Crystal series: Pitcher I
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Facetted Pitcher
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. Crystal series: Chrystal III
Crossover series, Neo I
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Crystal series: beakers a & b, Crystal III, Crossover series: Neo III
Ocean Currents: I, Mini, II
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Swirl Centrepiece Whirlpool Centrepiece
Together I Satin II
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Crossover Series: Neo III Spherical Whirlpool II
Crystal Flame Centrepiece  
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Cross Grain Silver Pyramid Feathers IIII & IV
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Whirlpool Centrpiece, Ribbon series: Ribbon I, Crystall Pitchers II & , Cross Grain Dark Pyramid Cross Grain Dark Pyramid
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