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Utagawa Hiroshige (1797 - 1858)

Sagami Province, Shichiri-ga-hama
Series; Sights of the Provinces
Shokoku Meisho

A rare original Hiroshige print from the series  first and only printing in the 1970's. Hiroshige created the designs for this group, but they were never printed during his lifetime. They were intended for Edo era release, however, the sketches were never published.

In the 1970’s, Robert G. Sawers learned of the existence of these 21 original drawings and expertly produced the only edition of this group ever released. He limited the production to only 250 prints of each design. Included in this first edition group are prints from a series titled "Calligraphy as Taught by the Chancellor Sugawara," prints intended for a series entitled "Sights of the Provinces", as well as several rare kacho-e designs by Hiroshige.

Sagami Province, Shichiri-ga-hama -
Signed - Hiroshige ga
Sealed - Ichiryusai
Limited Edition number - 53/250











original woodblock print, 24 x 11.5cm (tanzaku pillar print)










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