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Utawagwa KUNISADA (1786- 1864)

Confrontation between the hero, Saba Goro Teruhide (left) and the evil Regent, Ashikaga Mitsuuji (right) in the kabuki play, 'Chi Jin Yu Mitsugumi Sakazuki.

The play was staged at Edo's Nakamura-zu in the winter of 1864 with Kawarazaki Gonjuro as the hero, and Bando Hikosaburo V as the Regent.

Gonjuro's square shaped terracotta costume with its three sqare crest, impossibly long sword and powerful red make up, empasise his determination. Mitsuuji is dressed in courtly robes and wears a golden court hat. His blue make up emphasises his evil character.

The play is comonly known as ;Shibaruku' (Wait a Moment;)

The inset portrait is of Gonjuro's older actor brother, Ichikawa Danjuro VIII, who comitted suicide 10 years earlier.

published by Daikokuya Kinaburo 10/1864






original woodblock diptych print, 36.2 x 49.5 cm

framed Aus.$1500








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