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Utagawa KUNISADA (1786 - 1864)

Onoe Baiko as the spirit of the Cherry Tree (Komachi zakura no sei Onoe Baiko) and Nakamura Fukusuke I as Otomo Kuronushi.

published c 1830

Taken from a Kabuki play of1784 about the efforts of two brothers, Munesada and Yasuada to thwart the plans of Lord Kuronushi to usurp the power of the Emperor. Kuuronushi stops at a customs post outside Kyoto and decides to use the wood of an ancient cherry tree to build a shrine to ensure the success of his plot. But the spirit of the cherry tree in the form of the courtesan, Kurozome, who is loved by Yasusada, appears to him and beguiles him into telling her of his amibtions Once confessed, Kurozome disappears and is replaced by the hostile spirit of the tree who subdues Kuronushi.










original woodblock printdiptych, each panel 36 x 23 cm

framed Aus.$1200








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