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Utagawa KUNIYOSHI 1797 – 1861

From the series, Comparison of the Ogura One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each, ,Poet 37, Tamamo no Mae; published by Ibaya Senzaburo 1845 - 47

The Lady Tamamo-no-mae, a palace lady-in-waiting at the court of the 12th Century Emperor Toba. Falling in love with her, the Emperor fell ill. Discovered by his astrologer to be an evil nine-tailed fox, she vanished in a burst of light illuminating her tails.

The poem reads:

In the autumn fields

When the heedless wind blows by

Over the pure-white dew

How the myriad unstrung gems

Are scattered everywhere around


woodblock print, 36.3 x 24 cm









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