Sino-Japanese War 1894-95: Yalu River. Campaign Sept. - Oct. 1894
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Dramatic battle scene from the Sino-Japanese War of Captain Asakawa at Tuchengzi, leading his troops on horseback amongst clouds of swirling smoke and dust. His startled horse rears as he grips the reins with one  hand, his sword upright in the other. At left, a Chinese soldier tumbles backwards against a fallen horse, bleeding from his forehead, his hands thrust out in a pleading gesture. At right, another Japanese soldier on a  horse grips a spear, and an enemy falls onto his back, his long pigtail trailing on the ground. A handsome composition.

Collections: Jean S. and Frederic A. Sharf Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts.

References: Illustrated in the 2008 paper Throwing Off Asia II: woodblock prints of the Sino-Japanese War (1894-95) by John W. Dower – Chapter Two, “Kiyochika’s War”.pp.2-2 and 2-19.
Illustrated in the Shinbaku Books 2014 publication “Massacres in Manchuria: Sino Japanese War Prints 1894-1895”, edited by Jack Hunter, page 96.

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