Sino-Japanese War 1894-95: Korea and Events leading to the outbreak of war
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Interesting illustration from the Sino-Japanese War of a scene taking place in a Korean Palace. At right, a man reads a proclamation as three men bow on the floor before him. Behind him, two stern-faced Korean officials sit behind a table covered with red cloth. A Japanese diplomat in a black uniform sits on a stool just to the left of them, in the centre, a beautiful young woman pauses on the tiled walkway, looking down pensively, holding her sleeve to her chin. A young girl peers around her back with a smile, while a servant kneels at left, her hands clasped together beneath her blue sleeves. The mansion is built into a hillside with several terraces, overlooking a view of the mountains framed by a tree.

A handsome design, nicely composed and coloured with fine detail in the architectural setting. This print is dated August 1894, the first month of war


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