Sino-Japanese War 1894-95: Korea and Events leading to the outbreak of war
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Persons involved: Ōshima, Shōshō (Major-General), Ōtori Keisuke (Japanese Minister in Korea), Yuan Shi-Kai (Chinese Minister in Korea), and Bin Eishun (Prince Min, head of the Conservative Party.

Clauses of the ultimatum addressed to the Korean government:

  1. A common action by Chinese and Japanese forces to restore – and reform – a clean government.
  2. The sending of Chinese and Japanese envoys in order to straighten out finances, clean the prevailing corruption and reorganize the military system.
  3. Full and unconditional cleansing of State finances and the launching of a loan to support public works.

To these clauses, the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Mutsu Munemitsu (called the “razor minister” for his sharp wit) added:

  1. Maintenance of Japanese soldiers on Korean soil, even if China was not willing to support the move.
  2. The will of the Japanese government to act alone to impose those conditions should China refuse to follow suit.




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