Sino-Japanese War 1894-95: Korea and Events leading to the outbreak of war
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Interesting depiction of Japanese and Korean diplomats to negotiate peace after the Imo Incident, a Korean uprising that took place on 22 July, 1882. Some Korean military units revolted, attacking government officials and Japanese military advisors and diplomats. The Japanese minister to Korea, Hanabusa Yoshitada, was forced to flee by boat and was rescued by a British ship. Yoshitada sits on a red upholstered chair at right, wearing a green jacket over a grey vest and white pants, and a black top hat. A Japanese general sits besides him. The Koreas are gathered at left, wearing traditional robes and hat. Each side has a clerk sitting at a table in the centre to read and record the proceedings. A nicely detailed historic subject, with burnishing in the black top hat and uniform


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