The 47 Ronin: The Faithful Samurai
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Miura Jirōemon Kanetsune falling backward into a hearth

Kanetsune was a chef, in charge of food service, and though he was of low rank as a samurai, he was honest, sincere and dutiful. He looked after the lord’s alimentary needs day and night, in incomparable fashion. If the food had been around too long, whether fish, fowl or vegetable, he would not use it. He would say: ‘Human life depends on food. Long life depends above all on food preservation.’ Even something the lord enjoyed, he wouldn’t serve if he couldn’t get it fresh, at the risk of scolded. Hagan appreciated his integrity and treated him with love and affection.
Then, when the Akao fell, Kanetsune took the oath drawn up by Ōboshi with his whole heart. Thereupon he scouted around the enemy mansion in the Kantō and reported his findings to the retainers in Kyoto, urging Ōboshi to move. Then he worked as an aide to Ōboshi in the house they rented in Kokuchō and took part in the glorious attack. He was a truly loyal man.


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