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Yata Gorōemon Suketake

After Suketake left Banshū, accompanied by his wife and seven year old son Sakujūrō, he moved to the village of Totsukawa, where he had relatives. Before long, he received word from Ōboshi that they were moving to the Kantō. He proceeded first to Kyoto, then, along with his wife and child, followed Yoshida Chūzaemon to Azuma, where he settled in Shiba Kawarakemachi. There he assumed the name Hanawa Busuke and taught ju-jitsu.

On the night of the attack, a lamp, a flower vase, a tea bowl, and an earthen pot were thrown at him from the secretary’s room. This infuriated Suketake, who shouted: ‘Cut the foolishness, and fight as you should!’ Then Tsuzuki Jitsuemon stepped out swinging his sword and announced his name. They exchanged thrusts, high and low. Tsuzuki, too, was a skilled swordsman, an Uesumi assistant, and fought with might and main. Suketake was amazed at his ability. Finally Suketake’s sword point cut Tsuzuki from the right shoulder to the ribs on the left side and killed him.

Suketake’s sword bore the characters of Kunitoshi. His technique was brilliant. The inspectors who came that day later marvelled at his swordsmanship.


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