The 47 Ronin: The Faithful Samurai
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Kurahashi Zensuke Takeyuki, a wall scroll draped over his sword

Kurahashi Takeyuki was a fine hot-tempered swordsman and performed well in the attack on the Konō mansion. He had studied the floor plan of the house, which the Yazama brothers had secured from Yasuemon, the chief carpenter. So he know that there were certain hidden details in its construction.
He hacked his way into Moronao’s bedroom just after Moronao had fled, leaving a rumpled bed. Takeyuki felt the bedclothes and found them still warm.
He knew Moronao could not have gone far, so he snagged the scroll out of the alcove and pushed on the wall it had been hanging on. It was a secret door into the garden. He charged out through it and on seeing the storage shed for the garden apartment knew Moronao must be there.
Yazama, Senzaki, and Takebayashi circled the shed and poured arrows into it from their short bows. Two men ran out, and Takeyuki took them on.


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