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No.1.12 Senzaki Yagorō Noriyasu

Senzaki Yagorō was a descendant of Sakazaki Suruga no Kami, who was a retainer of the Ukita family. He served the Mori family for a time but then became a retainer of Akao. It was said that as a child he had suddenly killed his cousin.
          He was skilled in the martial arts but also enjoyed reading and the writing of tanka and haikai. When Akao fell, he went to the Kantō  and lived in Hayashi Chō, under the assumed name of Mimasakaya Zenbei and walked about selling fans and watching the enemy. He had artistic pretensions and whenever he could, recorded the exploits of his loyal co-conspirators in a book he called the Akao chronicle. He would go over it with one of his comrades when his agitation became unbearable.
All he had in the world was an old mother, whom he told about his secret compact with Ōboshi when he left Banshū. She was very pleased and praised Ōboshi. Here were a mother and son locked in the same resolve.
Fortunately, he had neither wife or children, but his mother warned him that if he were too concerned about duty to his mother he might do something cowardly and bring dishonour on himself. That night she went to bed with good cheer and the next day committed suicide.
Yagorō was overcome with grief. Here he was avenging not only his lord but also his mother. It is reported that he set out with complete tranquillity coupled with unending indignation.


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