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Isono Nobuharu (fl. 1816 - 1847)

Nagasaki Miyage (Souvenir of Nagasaki),The book depicted the exotic animals, manners and practices of the Westerners and Chinese living in Nagasaki. The first half of the book has illustrations: the second half is comentary. Published by Yamatoya in 1847

Two double pages sold individually from the book. The left hand sheets depict Durch Mercants and a parrot.

The right hand sheets, a Dutch Palace.

double book pages each . both reserved

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Masayoshi KEISAI (1764 - 1824)

Various Sketches by Keisai (Keisai Sogwa) are a tour de force in 'the abbreviated style'. "the spirit not the form". This volume was later published as the first volume in a 5 volume in collaboration with other artists and published in 1832 under the title Keisai soga.

First Edition published in 1824-5 in red covers

18 pages of 34 illustrations, 23 x 16cm

Book $1100

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Katsushika HOKUSAI (1760 - 1849)

Denshin kaihu, Hokusai MANGA (Sketchbook) Volume VII, Transmitted from the Gods: Random Drawings by Hokusai

first published published in 1817, Meiji printing, 1878, . 33 folded sheets 'covering all things in the universe' 33 double sheets printed in 3 colours (sumi black, light black and pinl. This volume contains almost exclusively landscapes and includes some of Hokusai's freestyle sketches .

23 x 16cm

book $990



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Katsushika HOKUSAI (1760 - 1849)

Chinese Poems, Five Syllables (Toshi Sen Ehon Gogon Ritsu), Volumes 1 - 5. Hokusasi's illustrations of the popular Tang (618 - 907AD) poems compiled by the Chinese scholar Li P'anlung (1514 - 70), published by Kobayashi Shinbei in 1833. 42 single pages, 13 double, 22.8 x 15.7cm

book $1350




Katsushika HOKUSAI (1760 - 1849)

Hokusai Gaen (The Garden of Drawings by Hokusai), one volume of three published in 1843, . 16 x 13cm


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四季行交 (Shiki-no-Yuki-Kai. / Edo People’s lives in four seasons)
     Artist:  Kitao Shigemasa(北尾重政)Text: Santo, Kyoden(山東京伝)
    Published in 1789
    This woodcut reproduction printed in 1979
      22 x 16cm                                                                                        

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金々先生栄花夢 (Kin-Kin-Sensei-Eiga-No-Yume. / Glorious dream of teacher Kin-Kin)
      popular novel story of a country man’s success / downfall life.
    Artist:  Koikawa, Harmachi (恋川春町)
Published  1775 /
     This woodblock facsimile printed in 1972

The small  pamphlet is explanation of this work.
   18 x 14cm $275
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