MEIJI JAPAN 1868 - 1912
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Fascination illustration of a ceremony presenting “Gift Cups” pf sake from the emperor to the Imperial Army commanders who conquered the rebel samurai during the Satsuma Rebellion. The emperor sits at upper left wearing a military uniform with a sash across the chest and a plumed hat. He is accompanied by the empress and Prime Minister Sanjo Sanetomi, watching the presentation of the cups and enjoying the performance of a beautiful shirabyoshi dancer, who is accompanied by young boys playing flute and drum.  On either side of the room, ladies-in-waiting fill the officers’ enormous cups with sake from long handled servers. The empress is seated at upper left behind a low table holding a large tray with a pine tree and piles of sweets. At upper right, men in uniform wait their turns for the presentation. The elegant room features a patterned carpet, a large arrangement of chrysanthemums in a vase, and purple draperies overhead bearing the Meiji Imperial chrysanthemum crest. Beautifully detailed with embossing on the white kimono and burnishing on the black uniforms.


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