MEIJI JAPAN 1868 - 1912
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A six-panel woodblock print featuring children interacting with adults. These beautifully dressed upper-class boys and girls are lovingly indulged by the beauties and samurai, who entertain them with toys and games, presided over by an elderly man sitting on a cushion at top centre. Scenes include a small boy pulling a toy fish on a string, a young girl holding a puppy with a red ruffled collar, and a boy riding a hobby horse. A mother encourages her young child to crawl towards her, while another beauty creates origami designs to the delight of two youngsters. Beautifully printed with deluxe touches such as cloth embossing in the text cartouches and burnishing in the black robes and lacquer items. A fascinating design with a wealth of fabulous detail in the household furnishings and carefully rendered clothing. A rare complete six panel print of a charming subject.

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