MEIJI JAPAN 1868 - 1912: Depictions of the legendary Ronin
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Action filled scene of the night attack of the 47 ronin on Lord Moronao’s mansion. In the centre, Oboshi Yuranosuke, the leader of the ronin, waves a tasselled command baton to direct the warriors. At left, ronin toss straw-wrapped bundles of charcoal out the window of a storage shed while other samurai stand in the snow on the rooftop, plunging their spears through the roof. At far left, the cowardly Moronao can be seen hiding in the shed. At upper right, the battle continues in the snowy courtyard, with one of the ronin knocked into the pond by one of Moronao’s retainers on the verandah above. A lively scene, nicely detailed.


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