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SSeries: The Meiji period (明治時代, Meiji-jidai)
Restoration: 1868 -1912

Category: Women Samurai

Accession Number: DFJN2021PRWS008

Title (Original): 坂東秀佳1日、大松おにぎりみ。鈴鹿峠、坂の下駅とつて山駅の間
Title: sakato hideka 1hi, oomatsu onigiri mi .suzukatoge, sakanoshita okawa to tsute yama
okawa no ma
Translated Title: Bando Shuka I as Onigami Omatsu, the female bandit. Suzuka Pass, between Sakanoshita Station and Tsuchiyama Station

Artist (Original): アーティスト:歌川国貞III1786-1864) 

Artist:  Utagawa Kunisada  (1786-1864)
Medium: Japanese woodblock print (nishiki-e); ink and colour on paper
Signature: Unknown
Seal: Unknown
Publisher (Original): 表記無し
Publisher: Unknown
Engraver: Unknown
Publication Date: 10/1852 


Acquisition Date: 02 / 09 / 2021

Arts and Designs of Japan
San Francisco, CA

Country of origin: Japan

Size: Vertical ōban. 35. 5 x 24.8 cm (14” x 9 ¾” inches)

Provenance: Fuji Arts Inc. Suite B, 320 S. Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA.
Lot No: 925563


Country of origin: Japan

Size: Vertical ōban. 13 ¾  x 19 3/8 (inches)

Price Paid: USD $ 135.00   AUD $ 175.00
Insurance Value October 2021: AUD $ 550.00
Condition: Excellent detail. Two attached panels, backed with paper. A few holes along and slight separation at ends of horizontal centrefold (repaired). A few creases.

Great kabuki scene from the tale of Omatsu, the female bandit of Kasamatsu Pass. She smiles as she looks over her shoulder at Natsume Shirozaburo, who cradles a baby to his chest. He waves a hand at her dismissively as he turns his head away, frowning angrily. The beauty wears a black kimono patterned with pine branches over a kimono that has red insets featuring skulls and bones, and a suit of armour. A burnished black lacquer makeup chest with a mirror top rests on the floor at left, while the alcove at upper right holds a flower arrangement and a hanging scroll of what might be Omatsu herself. From left, the actors are Bando Shuka I and Ichikawa Danjuro VIII. Nice expressive figures in a handsome detailed interior setting, with burnishing on the black lacquer chest and mirror.





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