Female Samurai
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Series: The Meiji period (明治時代, Meiji-jidai)
Restoration: 1868 -1912

Category: An Educational Account of Self-Made-Men (Kyoiku Risshiki)

Accession Number: DFJN2020PRWS0002

Title (Original): 秀吉の養子である豊臣秀康が出演 ステージ上
Title: Hideyoshi no yōshidearu Toyotomi Hideyasu ga shutsuen sutēji-jō
Translated Title: Hideyoshi’s adopted son Toyotomi Hideyasu performing on a stage
(http://www.jaodb.com/db/ItemDetail.asp?item=33205 (JAODB) The Japanese Art Open Database)

Also recorded as Beauty Performing Dressed as a Samurai by Kiyochika, (Fuji Arts)

Artist (Original): 小林清親 (1847-1915)
Artist: Kobayashi Kiyochika (1847-1915)
Medium: Japanese woodblock print (nishiki-e); ink and colour on paper
Signature: Kiyochika
Publisher (Original):
Publisher: Maksuki Heikichi (Daikokuya)
Engraver: Unknown
Publication Date: 1886

Acquisition Date: 16 August 2020

Country of origin: Japan

Size: Vertical ōban tate-e. 9 1/8 inches x 14 inches
Condition: Good overall. Excellent colour and detail. A few small holes, (repaired) from reverse. Some light paper remnants at edges.  Faint toning.




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