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Gallery East

Postal address:

406 Hamilton Road, Munster, Western Australia 6166

Hours: By appointment


Ph: (61 8) 6498 9833

Mob: 0405 698 799

Following the closure of its gallery space in North Fremantle in December 2012, GALLERY EAST Art Services continues to be active in the visual arts scene.  


provides an on-line gallery and representation for Australian contemporary artists,

provides an on-line gallery for Japanese prints of the 18th , 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries,

acts as art agents and consultants, including the sourcing of works of art to build up private or corporate collections

values art for the Cultural Gifts Program and insurance purposes,

initiates, organises and curates exhibitions,

advises on the framing, hanging and the collection management issues surrounding art collecting,

explores additional short term venues for one-off exhibitions.

organises, curates and promotes Between the Sheets, Artists' Books 2015.


Gallery East represents emerging and established contemporary Western Australian artists, as well as specialising in the traditional and contemporary arts and crafts of Japan and those Australian and international artists who have been influenced by Japanese aesthetics.


Original gallery exterior
Original gallery exterior, Claremontr

Gallery History Established in 1991, Gallery East was originally situated in Claremont and founded on a deep love of Japanese woodblock prints and the traditional arts of Asia, reflected in a policy of regular exhibitions celebrating the work of the great Ukiyo-e artists, as well as the sacred and secular arts of India, Laos, Sri Lanka, Tibet and China. Gallery East carries fine examples of original Japanese Ukiyo-e, including Shunga (erotic images) and contemporary Japanese prints.

Original gallery interior
Original gallery interior

The exhibition program also included the work of established contemporary Japanese artists using a wide range of disciplines. For example, the contemporary glass forms of Shuro Kasai, and the ceramic forms of Yuichi Kurosawa.

Western Australian artists represented by Gallery East include the painters, Merrick Belyea, Shirley Clancy, Christopher Crouch, Cathy Gordon, Dragica Milunovic, Paul Moncrieff, Patrizia Tonello, Gillian Warden, Tony Windberg, Jarek Wojcik and Drusilla Williams; multimedia Jenny Nayton, Alwin Reamillo, Annette Seeman Thurle Wright; ceramicist Stewart Scambler; silversmiths Pam Jones, Brenda Ridgewell and Mei See Liang Jackson; print maker David Jay Reed; photographer Roger Garwood; glass artist Ian Dixon and sculptors Neil Aldum, Graham Heritage, Tony Jones, Anne Neil, Steve Tepper and Peter Tilley.

From the Eastern States, exhibitors at Gallery East include painters Chris Capper and Jarek Wojek; silversmith Rose Wedler, ceramicists Greg Daly, Paul Davis, and Hiroe Swen.

New gallery exterior
gallery exterior, North Fremantle
In January 1998, Gallery East opened its new purpose built premises in North Fremantle, Western Australia. Designed by Bret M. White of Cox Howlett and Bailey Woodland, the gallery is a variation on the ‘white cube’, with foldaway doors to the northern wall opening onto a deck, and another smaller gallery space to the side.

New gallery interior
gallery interiro North Fremantle

Exhibitions were held monthly with a range of finely made craft objects and Asian antique pieces permanently displayed in the side gallery.

The Gallery closed its exhibition program at 94 Stirling Highway on 22 December 2012 and now is open by appointment only.

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