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Between the Sheets  Artists' Books 2017

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8. Caelli Jo Brooker, New South Wales, Australia

Consumption II

12. Claire Davenhall, Western Australia

The Something Series

13. Cristina de Almeida, Washington, USA

Divide Sort Understand

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17. Sandra Dunbar, Westwen Australia

Fragnented Story

20. Timothy Frerichs, New York, USA

Shale - Anthropocene

21. Caroline Goodlet, Western Australia

Qwyifaguui *

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22. Jane Grierson, Western Australia


25. Debbie Hill, Victoria, Australia


30. Rebecca Jensen & Sophie La Maitre, Western Australia.


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32. Mari Katayama, Western Australia

Peek through

37. Pam Langdon, Western Australia

Under the Eaves

44. Elisa Markes-Young, Western Australia

Treny (The Laments)

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50. Virginia Milici, Paese, Italy

The Wait

45. Elisa Markes-Young, Western Australia.

Zagiel (the Sail)

58 & 58A. Matthew Pope, Western Australia

One and Two

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77. Thurle Wright, England


66. Yvette Sullivan, New South Wales, Australia


70. Kęstutis Vasiliūnas, Lithuania

The Tea Book No. 6



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52. Jánis Nedéla, Western Australia

Unreadable Book 2


69. Paul Uhlmann, Western Australia


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