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Between the Sheets  Artists' Books 2017

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7. Julie Bookless, New South Wales Australia.

Veins *

11. Magdalena Cordero, Chile.

Long Chilean gala (Larga Gea Chilena)

19.Tania Ferrier, Western Australia

Old New York

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34. Daniel Kristjannson, Western Australia

Ladder Book


51. Jánis Nedéla, Western Australia

Disparate Bedfellows *

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53. Annette Nykiel, Western Australia

Samples of Place *


63. Annette Seeman, Western Australia

Over Iceland

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43. Helen Malone, Queensland, Australia

The Sunken Boat

42. Helen Malone, Queensland, Australia

The Legacy of Silence

49. Virginia Milici, Italy

Barefoot and free mind

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56. Jack Oudyn, Queensland, Australia


59. Adele Price, Western Australia

Compendium of the Modern Beast

62. Cim Sears, Western Australia

Variations I, II, III

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64. Stephen Spurrier, Queensland, Australia

Strangers in the Garden

71. Vanessa Wallace, Western Australia

From Theses of Stone and Lightness

57. Jussara Pires, Brazil

Altered Book

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72. Vanessa Wallace, Western Australia


5. Lee Bethel, New South Wales, Australia

My Mother's Tablecloth

73. Rebecca Westlund, Western Australia

Fragments of Contemplation



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