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Jack Oudyn and Helen Malone, Queensland, Australia

The Future of an Illusion, sculptural Tunnel Book in a card box

Edition 4: one of four, 26 x 29 x 2 cm


Jack Oudyn and Helen Malone write:

The book is about the processes the body goes through after death and the belief systems associated with death.
Research revealed that the body goes through many changes of colour, some vivid and garish, as it begins to decompose and regress from Zoology to Botany.  The side concertinas of the book explore these physical changes over a period of time and also include image transfers of scientific anatomical drawings.
The middle section of the book contains a void, a portal that leads nowhere.
Text used in the book was sourced from The Future of an Illusion by Sigmund Freud and Being Dead by Jim Crace.  Freud argues that an afterlife has no basis in science and is wishful thinking and a disavowal of reality.  Crace documents the natural changes that occur in a dead body left in nature, to return to nature.


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