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Between the Sheets: Artists’ Books Exhibition 2021


Gallery East in conjunction with Gallery Central

(North Metropolitan TAFE)

Gallery Central, Aberdeen Street, Perth, Western Australia



30 April– 22 May 2021

to be officially launched by Dr. Christopher Crouch at 6pm on Thursday 6 May 2021

Monday - Friday 10am - 4.30pm

Saturday 12 - 3.00pm




Between the Sheets, Artists’ Books 2021, forms the fifth in the biennial series of exhibitions of artists' books organised by Gallery East in Western Australia. Despite the social upheaval, disruption of everyday lives, not least in art schools, and a sclerotic postal service, caused by the pandemic, the high level of representation by leading international and Australian artists working in this field experienced over the last decade was sustained for the 2021 exhibition. We greatly welcome the 65 works from 55 artists represented in this outstanding show.

Participating Artists


New South Wales: Caelli Jo Brooker; , Peter McLean; Avril Makula;
Monica Oppen; Alison Smith; Marama Warren; Ahn Wells.
Queensland: Robyn Foster; Lorraine Lamothe; Gael E Phillips; Sue Poggioli; Rose Rigley.
Victoria: Lyn Ashby; Alex Hamilton; Lesley O'Gorman: Peter Ward
Western Australia: Min Adlide; Jane Button; Leslie Chalmers;
Shelley Cowper; Claire Davenhall; Martin Dickie; Eimear Doyle;
Denise Gillies;  Marie Haass; Chloe Henderson; Penny Hudson;
Shana James; Boróka Egerhazi Kis; Guundie Kuchling; Pam Langdon;
Claire Lawson; Lesley Le Grove; Pippa Lightfoot: Elisa Markes-Young;
Sarah Matheson: Annemie McAuliffe; Clyde McGill;
Shona McGregor; Lynne Mitchell; Jánis Nedéla; Amy Norma; Layli Rakhsha; David Jay Reed:  Judy Rogers; Annette Seeman; Britta Sorensen;
Gabriel Stevens; John Teschendorff, Paul Uhlmann; Vanessa Wallace;
Gera Woltjer; Christopher Young.

Brazil: Grupo Gralha Azul
Germany: Christiane Fichtner; Constanze Kreiser
Italy: Virginia Milici
Lithunania: Kęstutis Vasiliūnas





Please click on here to read Paul Uhlmann's foreward to the exhibit

to view the artists' books please click on the image below


cat. 41 Janis Nedela: Book Illustration: Ammonite


to read Dr. Christopher Crouch's essay please click on the image below


cat. 32. Elisa Markes-YoungBezgrzeszne lata (Innocent years)


Intoduction by Dr Christoher C


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