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Between the Sheets  Artists' Books 2017

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23. Alex Hamilton, Victoria, Australia

Ongoing jottings of Alex Hamilton, 2010-19

22. Grupo Gralha Azull, Brazil


29 Shanna James, Wester Australia

Falling Alice

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37. Lesley Le Grove, Westwen Australia

Story of Gifuto

38. Avril Makula, New South Wales, Australia

Ellsworth Kelly's Australian Summer

42. Jacky McFarlane, Western Australia

Another time

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43. Clyde McGill, Western Australia


45. Shona McGregor, Western Australia

Post Reproductive

47.Virginia Milici, Itally

I look Over My Shoulders (Ti guardò di spalle)

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62. Jane Simon, New South Wales, Australia

Sunday Hours in March

64. Paul Uhlmann Western Australia

The Day I Left This Earth

63. Paul Uhlmann, Marcella Polain, Vanessa Wallace, Western Australia

Lorca fragmentos)

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5. Caelli Jo Brooker & Yvette Sullivan, New South Wales, Australia

Reorient (horizontal) and Reorient (vertical)

11. Martin Dickie, Western Australia.

Two Trees

16. Robyn Forster, Queensland, Australia

The Universe is in the Puddles

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17. Shanti Gelmi, Western Australia

Confucian Expectation

21.Louise Grimshaw, estern Australia

Ethereal Worlds

27. Penny Hudson, Western Australia

A Stitch in Time



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35. Pam Langdon, Western Australia

Britannica Metamporphosis

33.Lorraine Lamothe, Queensland, Australia

The Mountain Ranges from Various Perspectives

36. Pam Langdon, Western Australia

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