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Between the Sheets  Artists' Books 2019

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2. Lyn Ashby, Victoria, Australia.

The Light Down Here

3. Lyn Ashby, Victoria, Australia

Everything...and this

10.Cristina de Almeida, USA

Branding Nature

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7. Molly Coy, Western Australia

Embedded Memories

9. Claire Davenhall, Western Australia

Lost Soles

6. Molly Coy, Western Australia

Layered Lanscapes

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14.Dorothea Fleiss, Germany


25. Petr Herel, Victoria, Australia

Georg Trackl.Das Nachtlied (Night Song)

28. Penny Hudson, Western Australia

Within the Fabric Within

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32. Deborah Klein, Victoria Australia


30. Rhi Johnson, Queensland, Australia

Cat and Mouse

39. Elisa Markes-Young, Western Australia

Memory of a Memory

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50 Anda Munkevica, Latvia

Magna Birth

46. Virginia Milici, Italy

Sillent Scream (Urio muto)

49. Anda Munkevica, Latvia

Ice Melting

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31. Deborah Klein, Victoria Australia



54. Lesley O'Gorman, Victoria Australia


69 Gera Woltjer,Western Australia

State of Mind; Sample book VI, VI

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53. Annette Nykiel, Western Australia

Stories of Place

57. Layli Rakhsha, Western Australia

Visible City

65. Kęstutis Vasiliūnas Lithuania

Tea Book No. 7

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12. Martin Dickie, Western Australia

In The Deep

13.Beth Evans, South Australia


19. Lisa Giles, New South Wales, Australia

I Can't Believe



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