Ceramics: Daly, Vase
Drawing: Drusilla Williams Glass: Ian Dixon, Fountains Jewellery: Liangjackson_receptaculum4 Painting: P.Uhlmann_"Hallucinations"
Artists books 2015 multimedia: mark datoti Photography: R.Garwood_"Sunset_Stoney Hill" Prints_Modern: Honda_"Syamore_Tree"  
Japanes Actors and Bijin: Kunisada_"Portrait of Kabuki Actor" Japanese  Birds_Flowers_Landscapes: Jakuchu_"Parrot on Wild Rose" Japanese Ledgends and Ghosts :Yoshitoshi Koo Maru " The King of Tigers" Shunga: Eisen_"Couple" about Gallery East
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Gallery East represents emerging and established contemporary Western Australian artists, as well as specialising in the traditional and contemporary arts and crafts of Japan and those Australian and international artists who have been influenced by Japanese aesthetics.

Members of the Art Consulting Association of Australia; the Society for Japanese Arts; and the Asian Arts Society of Australia.

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