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Gallery East

406 Hamilton Road
Perth 6166, W.A.

viewing by appointment


Ph: (61 8) 64989833

Mob: 0405 698 799
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1. Autumn branch

2. Hakea branch *

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3. Paperbark branch


5. Midsummer branch





4. Summer branch

acquired by St. John of God, Murdoch

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6. Wallpaper I


7. Wallpaper II

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8. Tree drawing I

13. Tree drawing VI

11. Tree drawing IV

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9. Tree drawing II


10. Tree drawing III

  12. Tree drawing V  
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14. First Garland for an absent Lenin   15. Second garland for an absent Lenin
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16. Third garland for an absent Lenin   17. Fourth garland for an absent Lenin

18. Fourth garland for an absent Lenin

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22. Lenin bust and eucalyptus leaves

23. Lenin bust

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