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Paul Binnie b. 1967

Kiyonaga no Kiseru (Kiyonaga's Pipe)

Kiyonaga's Pipe (Kiyonaga no Kiseru), 2010

From the series A hundred shades of ink of Edo” (Edo Sumi Hyaku Shoku) ed. 30/100

The motif is taken from a triptych design by the 18th century artist, Torii Kiyonaga. The original print shows a group of beauties enjoying a spring  snowfall, and the central figure reaches up with her long bamboo pipe to the newly formed icicles hanging from the leaves to knock them off. Binnie weaves this motif into the tattoo,which reaches up to the silver earring of the model - printed with silver - to tap it with her pipe.


woodblock print, 39 x 28cm








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